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Assembly Updates  

Assembly Updates provide an introduction to the life of the LWF Tenth Assembly, and help the member churches and Assembly participants to prepare for the Assembly. Articles and practical information are presented in an eight-page, four-color publication. 

Printed copies are distributed to Lutheran World Information (LWI) subscribers, the LWF member churches and registered Assembly participants. The updates are available on this page for download, and the content is included on this Web site under the various categories of information.

Third Assembly Update - May 2003

The third Assembly Update contains greetings from the National Bishop of the host church, an introduction to the Keynote Speaker, reflections about attending an Assembly for the first time, updates on practical matters, and stories about sharing gifts from the Lutheran communion.

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Second Assembly Update - December 2002

The second Assembly Update contains greetings from the LWF President, updates on practical matters, and information about Assembly worship and the Assembly songbook.

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First Assembly Update - March 2002

The first Assembly Update contains greetings from the LWF General Secretary, and basic information about the Assembly theme, logo, village groups, host church and distribution of delegates. 

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