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LWF/D. Zimmermann.

Tuesday 22 July 

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Assembly plenary session in the main hall of the Winnipeg Convention Centre.


LWF President Bishop em. Dr Christian Krause addresses the Assembly.


Bishop Edison Munthe of the Simalungun Protestant Christian Church (Indonesia) speaks at a floor microphone during a plenary session.  


LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Ishmael Noko addresses the Assembly.  


Assembly delegates voting during a plenary session.


Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray greets the Assembly.


Katja Köhler of Germany, dressed as Katharina von Bora, and Don Engel of Canada, dressed as Martin Luther, greet guests as they enter the Luther Exhibit in the Winnipeg Convention Centre.


Don Engel of Canada, dressed as Martin Luther, shows an exhibit to an Assembly participant at the opening of the Luther Exhibit.


LWF Treasurer Inger Johanne Wremer presenting her report to the Assembly.


ELCIC National Bishop Raymond Schultz addresses the Assembly during the extraordinary plenary session on the visa denials. Schultz is flanked by youth displaying the national flags of some of the countries from which delegates were denied visas to attend the Assembly.  


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